About Me

about meI am Kirsten and I live in Alkmaar, a lovely city north of Amsterdam.

I help you create more magic in your life and I first realized I could do this March 2015.

A couple of years ago I was longing back to the period that I lived in Madrid for a student exchange program. It was not until years later that I realised what it was that I was longing for. It was the magic of that period! When I felt that longing I was missing the magic in my life!

When I created my first online course in the form of a challenge in the beginning of 2015, I realised that by bringing everything together that I’d learned during the past years, I could help others to experience more magic in their lives as well. For this challenge I also created a meditation and the reactions were so amazing! People were very enthusiastic and even asking me for more meditations!

I created another course and my meditation program and it changes lives! How amazing is that! When I hear how lives have changed after something that I have created, I feel so lucky! It touches me so deeply to know that I can help people with this. That I can help by doing the things I love to do most. Because when I’m creating meditations and courses I feel so aligned, I feel so happy. I feel that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I enjoy it so much!

It was amazing to discover that this is something I could build my business around. I had been dreaming of my own business for a long time already and now I knew what I was going to do. It felt as if all the puzzle pieces finally came together.

With my courses and meditation program I help you create a magical life. With guided meditations, and many tips and tricks I help you to be more positive and attract more and more positive things in your life. Your way of thinking and reacting will change and therefore your whole life will be different. More and more nice and happy things will start happening. It will be magical!

"I experienced magic when I was guided by Kirsten Pancras’ through a meditation practice. Kirsten created and delivered a process that took me into a deep stillness and opened me to feel connected to myself. Kirsten’s creativity and intuition shined as she spoke guiding words, and her voice carries compassion and wisdom." - Anella Wetter

"Thank you so much for the beautiful Healing Tree Meditation. I usually struggle to listen to meditations in full, even if it's a short one like yours. But I love to listen to your uplifting voice. And you're using super down to earth words which makes it easy to visualize. Listening to it every day, whenever I need an energy boost. Thank you!" - Sandra Pilarczyk

"I absolutely love Kirsten's meditations. I'm an avid meditator & listen to many meditation audios but honestly Kirsten's are some of the best I've listened to. There's something so relaxing about her voice: so authentic & trusting, makes me feel safe & let go. Her meditations are quite different from others not only in the wonderful energy she brings but the spiritual aspect & creativity of them. She seems to be able to tune into what the listener needs & says exactly what is needed to bring calm, more self love & trust. I find them very healing. Thank you Kirsten for bestowing us with your divine gift & putting so much love into what you do" - Sarah Alvarez-Buylla