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Meditation made easy & fun

- Would you like to meditate more, but find it difficult to create a meditation practice you actually like?

- Could you use more relaxation but meditation just sounds too complicated and not for you?

- Are you always busy, running around, taking care of everyone, and don’t know how to take time for yourself anymore?

Let me help you!

I’m a busy mom too, and I know how challenging it can be to take a moment for yourself. Let me help you create a meditation practice that you actually love! I take care of everything! I send you a new meditation every week. All YOU have to do is take 10 minutes just for you, to listen, to relax, to unwind, to just be you…

Choose to give yourself this wonderful gift of meditation!

Here’s what others say about my meditations:

"Kirsten's voice is hypnotic and put me in a state of deep relaxation very quickly. By the time the meditation was over I felt both refreshed and deeply connected to my inner wisdom. Thank you Kirsten!" - Rachel Hansen

"I have had the pleasure of listening to Kirsten carrying out a live meditation and it made such an impact I immediately signed up for her healing tree meditation which I use to keep me grounded. I love Kirsten's voice, it soothes and empties my mind and allows me to enter a deeply reflective state." - Allison McGinlay

Dreams, Love & Magic
Why meditation?

The many benefits of meditation include:

- Relaxing

- Recharges your energy

- Helps you feel more positive

When meditating regularly you will:

- Feel calmer

- Sleep better

- Deal with every day challenges more easily 

Think of how your life could change if you start taking time for yourself now. Just 10 minutes a day will help you feel more relaxed and will bring a sparkle to your days!

Dreams, Love & Magic

What will you receive?

When you join my meditation tribe you will receive weekly meditations and affirmations.

You will receive the meditations & affirmations by email and you will also be able to access them through the gumroad app that you can easily install on your phone or tablet. This makes it really easy to listen to the meditations, no matter where you are! You can also download them on your phone so you can listen when you have no internet connection!

Dreams, Love & Magic

Is there more?

In your emails you will also receive, at least once a moth, a meditation tip or some inspiration on the monthly theme. You can join the Facebook group where you can connect with me and other members.

What is the cost?

For only 15€ per month you will gift yourself an easy and fun meditation practice!

What is the effect of my magical meditations?

My beautiful, relaxing meditations are short but effective. I will guide you into a deep relaxation where you can totally relax and let go. You will feel a sense of deep and inner calm and a recharging of your energy levels. Feel revitalised, positive and refreshed, ready to resume your day!

It's not what I thought it would be, can I have my money back?

Refund policy: I am so excited to welcome you as a part of my meditation tribe! Please note that the membership in the Dreams, Love & Magic program is a monthly subscription. While you may cancel at any time (please allow 72 hours before your billing date), no refunds, partial or otherwise, will be issued mid-month. If you'd like to try my meditations before you sign up you can start by listening to my free meditations.

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