Magical Meditations - Creating Magic

(Meditation package including 4 guided meditations)

Listening to short, guided meditations improved my life. Not only do I instantly start to feel my energy change while listening to meditations, it also feels extremely good to take this little moment for myself every now and then.

Guided meditations help you relax and recharge by taking a moment for yourself. My calming words and soothing voice will guide you and take you to magical places where you will experience peacefulness and deep inner joy.

This package is the perfect opportunity for you to have a taster of my wonderful meditation membership "Dreams, Love & Magic".

"Thank you so much for the beautiful Healing Tree Meditation. I usually struggle to listen to meditations in full, even if it's a short one like yours. But I love to listen to your uplifting voice. And you're using super down to earth words which makes it easy to visualize. Listening to it every day, whenever I need an energy boost. Thank you!" - Sandra Pilarczyk

You’ll receive 4 meditations with the theme​ Creating Magic. Magical meditations that will guide you into a deep relaxation and to a place where magic will happen.

In these meditations it’s all about magic and creating a magical life. You will even meet with magical beings like a unicorn and a mermaid! You will feel the magic and you will be reminded how you already are a creator of magic!

Choose to receive these meditations today for only 15 euros!

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