Your own guided meditation

Have you always wanted your own meditation? One that is made especially for you?

Do you like guided meditations, but find it difficult to find one that really fits your needs?

What if I told you that you can have your very own meditation, adapted to what YOU need?

As a busy mom it can be challenging to find time to do a meditation. If on top of that you have to spend your precious time on the internet, looking for a meditation that fits your needs, you might get discouraged an not do a meditation after all.

If that sounds like you, you've come to the right place!

I can make you a meditation that's perfect for you and exactly what you need.

I will send you a short list with a few questions, so I know what you like and need. Then I will tune into your energy and create a meditation just for you!

Your meditation will be around 10 minutes and I will send you the mp3 with music and without, so you can choose which one you prefer.

Price for this amazing opportunity: €111

If you don't know my meditations yet, click here to sign up for my free meditation package "Happy Mom, Happy Child" with 2 meditations for you and 1 for your child(ren). It's a great way to find out if you like my meditations.

"I absolutely love Kirsten's meditations. I'm an avid meditator & listen to many meditations audios but honestly Kirsten's are some of the best I've listened to. There's something so relaxing about her voice: so authentic & trusting, makes me feel safe & let go. Her meditations are quite different from others not only in the wonderful energy she brings but the spiritual aspect & creativity of them. She seems to be able to tune into what the listener needs & says exactly wht is needed to bring calm, more self love & trust. I found them very healing. Thank you Kirsten for bestowing us with your divine gift & putting so much love into what you do." - Sarah Alvarez-Buylla

"Kirsten has a gentle, melodic way of speaking that takes you within and on the journey with her to wher you can find that inner voice that's trying to speak to you above all the chatter. She's got an amazing gift!" - Leigh Daniel

Choose to take time for yourself now!

You are worth it!

Whoohoo!! I'm so happy you're choosing for a personal meditation!

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