10 tips to help you love yourself more

Self love, it’s something you see a lot of people talking about these days. On Facebook I see messages about self love regularly. Or is it me? Is it because I've been focussing on that? That’s possible. But still I’d really love to talk to you about this, because I think it’s a very important subject.

Self love… Maybe you say “Of course I love myself”, which is awesome! Or maybe you say “Of course I don’t love myself”, which is… not so awesome… Lovely, please know that you too are worth loving. You too are worth loving yourself! Everyone is! So are you! With all your flaws and everything. Don’t worry about things you did or didn’t do in the past that don’t make you feel happy about yourself. Probably at the time it seemed the best choice. Now you see things differently, but then you didn’t. So don’t judge yourself! You did what seemed right. You always do. Look forward, don’t look back. Choose to love yourself, you’re worth it!

Do I love myself fully and completely? I’m going to be honest with you: I’m working on it. I notice myself criticising things I did, or didn’t do. Or that day when I was angry at my daughter and when I drove to work I was saying to myself “I’m a monster”. I was aware of it, and tried to stop it, so it went like this: “I’m a monster! No I’m not! I’m a monster! I’m NOT a monster! I’m a monster! I’m not!”. Until I decided to focus on something else and forgot about my monster feelings about myself.

So yes, I do get better at it every day. Because I don’t let my mind take me in a downward spiral about myself anymore. I stop it every time! Because I’m very aware of it. And I’m very aware that my thoughts create my reality. When you think negative thoughts about yourself the universe will send you proof. So you will have situations that make you think “You see, I’m not good enough” or “I was right, I’m not up to it”, or whatever thought you were already having about yourself. I had that too. And I chose to change that.

The laws of the universe are very consistent and always deliver proof of your own thoughts. So if you’d like to change your reality, you have to change your thoughts. And the best way to start is with the thoughts about yourself.

10 things you can do to love yourself more

Besides changing your thoughts about yourself there are many things you can do that will help you love yourself. Here’s my top 10 things you can do that will help you love yourself more:

1 - Stop negative thoughts about yourself - Like I stopped my monster thoughts by focussing on something else

2 - Think positive thoughts about yourself - I’m sure you can find many positive, nice & beautiful things about you!

3 - Choose to do things that make you happy

4 - Take some me-time regularly

5 - Be kind to yourself

6 - Ask for help if you need it, you don’t have to do everything on your own!

7 - Allow yourself to be lazy sometimes (and enjoy it!)

8 - Write yourself a love letter

9 - Write, read, or listen to affirmations about loving yourself

10 - Put sticky notes with sweet messages to yourself everywhere in your house so you can see them very often. For example “I love you”, “Have a wonderful day”, “Good morning gorgeous”. You can write anything you want, as long as it makes you happy when you see it!

Of course I would also advice you to listen to a meditation about loving yourself or a meditation that will help you relax & let go, like the meditations in my free package AIR (that you can download here).

If you start doing those things, or only a couple of them, maybe just starting with one, over time you’ll notice that the universe is being kinder to you. More loving. Well, the universe is always loving to you, but when it brings you shitty things you won’t experience it that way. You might think the universe is against you, which of course it’s not. It’s never against you, always with you. So when you start being more loving and more kind to yourself, the universe will bring you more of that. Little by little you’ll get better at it and you’ll experience more and more magic in your life. Because that’s what loving yourself does, create more magic in your life.

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