5 easy steps to make positive thinking work

Lately I have been hearing this a lot: “Positive thinking doesn’t work”. What?! Doesn’t work? I have experienced it myself and I can tell you that it does work! But apparently this is not the case for everybody, and I think I know why. I once heard someone explain why positive thinking doesn’t work.

She said that you’re fooling yourself if in your head you think something else than how you're feeling. I have to admit that she has a good point there...

If you're really convinced that you’re not good enough for something, you can repeat endlessly that you're good enough (which of course you are!), but if you don’t FEEL this, you'll probably never believe it. And no, in this case it doesn’t work.

But is this really positive thinking? Or is this saying a positive sentence? I would say the latter. And that is why it won’t have any positive effect on your life.

5 easy steps to make positive thinking work

But then the question rises: HOW do I make positive thinking WORK? These 5 easy steps will help you:

1. Become aware of your negative thought/belief.
Just notice the kind of thought or belief you have.

2. Ask yourself if you can be really sure that it’s true what you’re thinking.
Are you sure that you’re not good enough? Often a thought like that is based on fear. You’re afraid of not being good enough.

3. Realise that your thought is not based on the truth
This will help you let go of the thought and to replace it by a positive version

4. Make a positive version of your thought
“I am good enough”. Or maybe it’s easier for you to say “It’s possible that I am good enough”. It’s important that it’s something you can FEEL. Because when you feel it, it will have a positive effect on your life. And on how you feel. Because whatever you give your attention to grows, also good feelings. And the more you feed those good feelings, the more of them you'll get.

5. Repeat this positive thought regularly.
You can for example write it on a sticky note and hang it somewhere you can often see it. It’s fun to see this reminder of something that makes you feel good. Or that gives you a smile on your face. You should try it!

By replacing the old thought by a new one and repeating it for yourself, it will also replace your old conviction by a new one. And this way it will make a huge difference in your life! Firstly because with positive thoughts you'll simply feel better. Secondly because the law of attraction will bring more positive things into your life that you can have positive thoughts about.

So positive thinking, or maybe I should say positive feeling, is a lot easier when you focus less on the things you don’t want and more on the happy things in life, the things that you do want.

What are you going to focus on? What's your new, happy thought? Please let me know, I'd love to hear from you!

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