A true and honest story. My story.

If you’ve seen any of my messages on Facebook, you know I’m all about magic and positivity. Maybe when you see that, you think “that’s not for me”. Or maybe you think I’ve always been like this.

So today I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. About my life. So you know that I for sure have not always been like this. And to make you realise that this magic and positivity is also possible for you! You too can choose to live a magical life!

Life wasn't supposed to be just fun

A couple of years ago I had a live that looked perfect. And yes, I was enjoying my children, my family, my friends… But still, I had this feeling deep inside of me. This feeling that I was missing something. To be honest, I told myself that this was it, now as an adult. That I shouldn’t be so demanding. Life wasn’t supposed to be just fun.

The years after that many things happened. I got divorced, moved back to the village where I was born, I lost my job and found another one with double the hours. My life was turned upside down. And I had to find myself again. What did I like? What did I really want to do? I didn’t know…

Now in the beginning, being alone with two little children, working so many hours, being tired all the time, it wasn’t easy. Being diagnosed with mononucleosis and being overworked didn’t help. Luckily my parents were there to help me with everything! And then, little by little, I started to find things that I really liked. I went to my first workshop about the law of attraction for example. Wow, that resonated!! I started to work with that intentionally, which helped me attract a bigger house, so I didn’t have to sleep in the living room anymore, yay!

Positive and optimistic?

Little by little my live was getting better and I was getting happier. And I started to see myself as a very positive person. I always saw the positive side of situations and I was very optimistic. Or so I thought… Maybe I was positive and optimistic in certain situations. But what I first didn’t see, was that I was complaining a lot. Like… almost the whole day! Yes, positive and optimistic Kirsten was complaining all the time. Oops!

And that’s where I found out a bit more what I wanted to do with my biz. I had started my biz, but I wasn’t really sure what to do with it. I wanted to do healings (I had followed several courses for this), but it just didn’t make my heart sing. And then I created a challenge. I found that stopping complaining wasn’t that easy, so instead of doing it alone, I created a challenge and did it with over 100 lovely people! And it helped! No, I didn’t instantly stop complaining, but I got better and better. Now we’re almost two years later and I’m still getting better and better at not complaining.

Creating a wonderful life

The law of attraction, realising I could actually do things to change my life, stopping complaining, being more positive about myself… These are all things that have helped me create my life the way it is today. A wonderful life!

Today I think it’s about 8 or 9 years after I first started to feel unhappy and longing for more. It was a long road, but I’m so happy I followed it. I remember my doctor once telling me “Kirsten, we don’t live in LaLa Land!”, but I think we do! We can choose to make our life amazing! Sometimes with little steps, sometimes with bigger steps. If we just keep going and follow the good feeling, we will get there! I enjoy every day, and sometimes I’m feeling so happy without a reason. Because that happy feeling lives inside of me and it just wants to be felt sometimes. The more you allow it, the more you will feel it.

Now my passion is creating magical meditations to help you too experience the magic of life! Because it’s possible for everyone to live a life full of magic. Also for you!

If you are ready for the magic in your life, then “Brighten your inner sparkle” is the perfect thing for you to start with. With this free meditation experience you will discover what it is that brightens your inner sparkle, you will know how to brighten it and how to get back to this happy feeling inside of you. Short meditations, affirmations, journal prompts and more magic in my facebook group. Are you ready to shine?