My story


In the chaos of your busy life I am the calm in the eye of the storm. With my meditations and online courses I help you go from feeling stuck to freedom. Feel free to follow your heart and create a magical life you love!

As a not so calm and very talkative person, people that have known me for a long time are often surprised that I make meditations. But in life things happen that can change people and how they see the world. For me, lots of things have changed. My life didn’t go the way I thought it would, if I even had such an image. I do remember that as a kid I thought I didn’t want children. Yet here I am, a mom of two wonderful teenagers and I can’t imagine life without them. Sometimes life surprises us and we surprise ourselves.

The road to my company is one that goes from one healing course to another. Always following my passion, always looking for more ways to help others feel better. For a long time I was one of those people who gave (unwanted?) advice every time someone told me things weren’t going well. Where that drive to help came from? I don’t know. I just know it’s still there and it’s what drives me in my business today. I know that so much is possible and love teaching about it. I’d love to see everyone happy! I’d love to see YOU happy!

So you’re probably wondering what happened to this talkative woman that made her want to teach about meditation and creating a magical life?
Kirsten First of all, I’m still very talkative, although a lot less than I used to be. And to be honest, I’m still not the calmest person in the world. And I don’t want to be! But I did get very good at being calm and creating a safe space for you, so you can feel calm too.

Now here’s what happened:
After my divorce I was alone with my two small children and life wasn’t easy. I ended up sick and overworked. That wasn’t the best period in my life… When I was sitting in front of my doctor and he said to me “Kirsten, we’re not living in Lalaland”, I felt even worse. I walked home sobbing and feeling sorry for myself. How could he!? When I came home I couldn’t stop crying. That day, while crying and feeling like I was worth nothing, I decided things had to change. I didn’t want to feel like that anymore! I was done feeling stuck and lost! So I took small, easy steps and little by little my life changed. Joy and magic entered my life again! And I changed from a sobbing, unsure woman, into the happy, confident woman I am today. And now I’d love to teach you how you too can change your life like this!

I started my business and like with other things in my life, one thing led to another. When the online world came into the picture, I started having ideas for online courses. One day I created an online challenge. I loved that so much that I knew for sure I wanted to create more online courses and challenges. The connection with amazing women like you lights me up. Making your day, or making your moment makes my heart sing.

When I wasn’t “in Lalaland”,
guided meditations helped me to feel better. They helped me find my calm in the chaos. Allowed me to relax and recharge my energy. They also helped me sleep better and deal with all the things a mom has to do, way more easily. Like getting my kids ready (and if possible presentable) for school. In time! I loved it! And as I have a big imagination and I love everything magical, I started making my own guided meditations. 
In my meditations I tell a short, often magical, story. I talk you into a deep relaxation and take you to special places, often in nature. I call my meditations “Magical Meditations”. They’re now a big part of what I do as I love making them and people love listening to them. They often tell me how much they love my voice and even my boyfriend says I have a very calming voice. He says that he could fall asleep while listening to me. I see that as a compliment for my meditations!

With my meditations and online courses it’s my goal to make a difference in your life. When you feel stuck, lost, or overwhelmed, there are so many easy things you can do to change that around. Small changes can have big results. And I love making things easy for you!

I believe every mom is a good mom! 

But we can go through rough times and well, then we’re not at our best. And that’s OK. But if it happens to you often you can get the feeling that you’re not a good enough mom. A feeling of letting your kids down. Maybe even a feeling of letting others down. You feel like a failure and your life feels meaningless.

Now let me clarify, just to be sure: I don’t think you’re a failure!! I think you’re perfectly imperfect! There’s no need to be perfect! You’re amazing the way you are! And you’re a good mom!

But I also get it that you’d like things to change. That you’d love to be the best mom you can be! AND have time and energy left for yourself, so you can read the latest Gabby Bernstein book when the kids are asleep.

OK, so now the question is: “How can I help you be that amazing mom you dream of being?”Kirsten

There are a lot of things you can do, but first things first. You’re tired. And you don’t have much time for yourself. So let’s start by helping you get that energy back. And no, I don’t have a magic “energy pill”. But, my meditations will help you to relax which will help you sleep better. And when you sleep better you’ll wake up in the morning without thinking “Oh no, is it that late already?” or wanting to put your head under your pillow to continue sleeping.

Once you have more energy, you can start focusing on other things again. Like listening to your heart and finally creating your dream business. Or making that trip to Paris that you’ve been dreaming of for years. Ooooh, juicy times of making dreams become a reality! And yes, this is possible for you! If I can do it, so can you! Are you ready to create a magical life?

You can start with my free package AIR - An Invitation to Relax. A complete package with with a colouring page, fun & self-care inspiration cards, and 3 magical meditations (2 for you and 1 for your child). Click here to receive them in your inbox today!


"I experienced magic when I was guided by Kirsten Pancras’ through a meditation practice. Kirsten created and delivered a process that took me into a deep stillness and opened me to feel connected to myself. Kirsten’s creativity and intuition shined as she spoke guiding words, and her voice carries compassion and wisdom." - Anella Wetter

"Thank you so much for the beautiful Healing Tree Meditation. I usually struggle to listen to meditations in full, even if it's a short one like yours. But I love to listen to your uplifting voice. And you're using super down to earth words which makes it easy to visualize. Listening to it every day, whenever I need an energy boost. Thank you!" - Sandra Pilarczyk

"I absolutely love Kirsten's meditations. I'm an avid meditator & listen to many meditation audios but honestly Kirsten's are some of the best I've listened to. There's something so relaxing about her voice: so authentic & trusting, makes me feel safe & let go. Her meditations are quite different from others not only in the wonderful energy she brings but the spiritual aspect & creativity of them. She seems to be able to tune into what the listener needs & says exactly what is needed to bring calm, more self love & trust. I find them very healing. Thank you Kirsten for bestowing us with your divine gift & putting so much love into what you do" - Sarah Alvarez-Buylla