My favorite meditations

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose yet another meditation to listen to. You’d like to change every now and then, not always listen to the same ones. But well, you don’t always feel like going through youtube or another page to search for something you like.

That’s why I’ve made a list of my favorite meditations to share with you. I might add more meditations when I discover something new that I love. So please also let me know your favorites. I'd love to discover more!

Here are my favorites:

Abraham Hicks Getting into the vortex meditations
Here's one of those meditations: the General Wellbeing Meditation. I love listening to this one just before sleeping.

Lara Waldman - Inner Child Healing Meditation:

And of course my own Youtube Channel.
Here's one of my favorite meditations of my own: Rainbow Meditation


I did a great course from the lovely Martina Rutledge and one of the things I loved most was the meditation Guided Healing Journey with Raven

MMandWW 1

The wonderful Rebecca Kane also has great meditations. When you subscribe to her free course Moon’s Mysteries and Women’s Wisdom Women’s Wisdom you have access to 4 of her moon meditations.


If you'd like to listen to guided meditations when you have no internet connection, my free package AIR - An Invitation to Relax is perfect for you. It has 3 meditations, a coloring page and more! Click here to receive it today!


"Kirsten's voice is hypnotic and put me in a state of deep relaxation very quickly. By the time the meditation was over I felt both refreshed and deeply connected to my inner wisdom. Thank you Kirsten!" - Rachel Hansen

"I have had the pleasure of listening to Kirsten carrying out a live mediation and it made such an impact I immediately signed up for her healing tree meditation which I use to keep me grounded. I love Kirsten's voice it soothes and empties my mind and allows me enter a deeply reflective state." - Allison McGinlay