Resting isn't lazy

Come on! Believing that resting is lazy is really something of the past!! By now it should have gotten to you that resting is NOT lazy!
You're following so many inspiring people who teach you about self-care, meditation, self-love, intuition, etc. You're determined to change your life, and you just go, go, go!

You want to make things happen! You read everything there is to read, and then some more. You spend lots of time following all these inspiring people.

Nothing changes... 

But then.... nothing changes.... Now be honest with yourself: Why is that? I'm not here to judge you by the way. I don't like judging others, we never know their story and I simply don't like the energy of it.

How many more?

But be honest with yourself. How many more tips and books do you need to read? How many more inspiring people do you need to follow? 

It's time to start implementing what you've learned! Little by little! And I know you might not have the energy for it. So start with this simple tip: Rest.

Resting is necessary!

As you probably know all too well, resting is not lazy! It's so necessary! Let me repeat that: Resting is necessary!

You need rest to live. You need rest to feel good! To feel happy, to stay balanced, to flow through your days, to recharge. You just need it. Period.

What are you going to do today to rest more?


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"Kirsten's voice is hypnotic and put me in a state of deep relaxation very quickly. By the time the meditation was over I felt both refreshed and deeply connected to my inner wisdom. Thank you Kirsten!" - Rachel Hansen

"I have had the pleasure of listening to Kirsten carrying out a live mediation and it made such an impact I immediately signed up for her healing tree meditation which I use to keep me grounded. I love Kirsten's voice it soothes and empties my mind and allows me enter a deeply reflective state." - Allison McGinlay