Recognise your intuition's voice

I'm sitting in my garden, in the sun. It's the first day this year and I'm really excited about it. With my feet in the grass I feel more connected to the earth, but also more connected to myself. I am wearing shoes though, it's still kind of cold, especially the earth ;-)

While I'm sitting here, wanting to write about how to recognise the voice of your intuition, I'm hearing all these noises around me. The neighbours are outside as well and they're talking. Children are playing in their garden. Somewhere else I hear a child screaming for his dad. Oh, and did I mention the neighbour's chickens already?

How is it possible to hear the voice of your intuition in the midst of all this noise?

Sitting like this I wonder: How is it possible to hear the voice of your intuition in the midst of all this noise!? But the answer is actually quite simple. Because this voice is inside of you, all this noise on the outside doesn't matter. As long as you are able to go within, you can always hear it.

But now, how do you recognise it? How do you know it's your intuition and not your mind, or something else? Well, this answer is quite simple as well. Because when your intuition speaks to you, it feels good. Your intuition is always guiding you towards the things that are good for you. So it feels good. When you're not feeling good, it's not your intuition telling you "Don't do this", it's simply not your intuition guiding you to that. So it doesn't feel good.

Follow the good feeling

When you're not sure what to do, just follow the good feeling. When you do that, you're allowing your intuition to guide you. And it will always guide you to what's best for you! And the more you do it, the easier it gets. Because you will recognise it easier and faster.

So when you're in doubt, go within and as yourself: "Does this feel good? Does this feel light?" If it doesn't, don't do it. Just keep looking for the good feeling.

Trust the happy feeling of following your intuition

But PLEASE, don't let your mind mess with this! When it feels good, it is right. Don't let your mind tell you something else. Trust the good, happy feeling of following your intuition.

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