The magic of your Human Design energy type

The magic of your Human Design energy type

In your Human Design chart lay the secrets to living a joyful life. But they don’t have to stay a secret!

And no, you don't have to do expensive courses and learn lots and lots about all the details of your chart. Although if you like to you can, of course.

If you know your date, place and exact time of birth, you can look up your Human Design chart to find out your energy type. You can find that in the information part of chart.

There are 5 energy types: Projector, Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator and Reflector. You are one of these 5 energy types and you stay the same energy type your whole life.

Now you might think: “If there are only 5 energy types, that doesn’t make us very unique” or “If my energy type doesn’t change, that means that I can’t change”. But both of these are not true!

You ARE unique

Human Design is about so much more than just your energy type. If you look at your chart you’ll see so many different things! All these parts of your chart are a part of your energy. And you have a unique combination. A unique energy blueprint.

But, that being said, the best place to start is your energy type. Because that’s the foundation of working with your design. When you start using your energy in the way that’s best for your energy type, things in your life will start to change. You’ll start to change!

As you’ll learn the best way for you to use your energy, you’ll feel less tired, more relaxed, and, eventually, more YOU!

You CAN change

Your energy type is the same your whole life. Your whole design is the same your whole life. But as you learn more and more about your design, as you dive deeper and deeper into your energetic blueprint, you’ll come closer and closer to who you truly are.

We’ve all been conditioned by our upbringing, by society, by the people around us, by school, work, etc. That’s why so many of us are not feeling well. That’s why so many people are burned out and depressed.

We’re all designed to live a happy and fullfilled life. YOU are designed to live a happy and fullfilled life.

When you start to release the conditioning and follow your design more and more, you’ll come closer and closer to your true self.

The energy types

If you’re a Manifestor, you’re here to make things happen. You are meant to initiate things, to make things happen in the world. You don’t have consistent energy though, so make sure you rest enough.

If you’re a Generator, you’re here to light people up by doing what lights YOU up. So no more people pleasing. Listen to your body, to your inner yes or no and let that guide you. You can have lots of energy, but don’t forget you're not a machine and you need your rest too.

If you’re a Manifesting Generator, you’re probably multi passionate. Embrace that! Follow your inner yes and no, but if something doesn’t light you up anymore, that’s OK! You don't have to finish everything you start.

If you’re a Projector, you’re an amazing guide. You’ll need lots of sleep and rest, but when you work you’re super effective. Share your wisdom when people invite you to.

If you’re a Reflector, you’re the rarest energy type, as only 1% of the population is a Reflector. You’re literally a mirror to others, feeling and acting differently according to who you’re with and where you are. You need to be with others, but sometimes you need alone time to let everything go.

I could tell much more about each energy type, and I will in my next blog posts. There’s so much to learn and experience in your Human Design journey!

Let me know if you recognize yourself in these short descriptions. Were you surprised about your energy type?


If you'd like to learn more, check out my course Human Design - guide to your energetic blueprint and/or come join my free FB group Meditation, Human Design & Healing with Kirsten Pancras.

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