Create more magic in 5 simple steps

I love magic! And with magic I mean a lot of things! I mean Harry Potter and that kind of magic. I mean fairies, elfs, unicorns. But I also mean things in life that make me happy. And that can be little things sometimes!

A couple of years ago I was living a life without magic. Sure, I was enjoying having my little family, loving my kids and loving what they were doing. But besides that… well… I can tell you that my life was quite magicless… (That’s probably not a word, but well, now it is ;-) ) And you know what? I thought it was normal. I thought that was the way things were going in life. Having fun when you’re a kid, when you’re studying, and then, when you’re a grown-up, it’s all serious…

A life full of magic!

Fortunately one day I realised that it didn’t have to be that way. That I could change things. That I could have a life full of joy and fulfillment. And finally it turned out to be a life full of magic!

5 simple steps

Please let me give you 5 simple steps so you too can create more magic in your life:

  1. Be grateful - I think you might have heard this one before, but it’s really powerful. When you show gratitude and feel grateful, the universe will answer by bringing you more to be grateful for. Gratefulness is such a positive energy, it has a really high vibration. It will shift your energy! Besides that, it will help you look at things through more positive eyes. If you make a list of the things you are grateful for, you will notice that once you start, more and more things will keep coming up. There is really so much to be grateful for!
  2. Take some me-time every now and then - You really need some time for yourself, to recharge your batteries. It’s important you make some time for this. If you take the time to recharge, you will feel better and this will help you go through your days easier and experience more joy and magic.
  3. Smile more! - Just move the corners of your mouth and… there’s a smile! Do you feel that? Even when you fake a smile, you can feel the effect in your body. You start feeling happier! You can use this in any situation. If you feel a little down, just smile your way out, it’s magic!
  4. Be kind - When you’re being kind, to yourself and to others, you have a gentle, soft energy. It’s so different from the hard energy that we have when we are being hard to ourselves and to others. Often we are being hard, especially to ourselves. Try to be aware of that and when you are, change to being kind instead. You’ll feel the energy shift!
  5. Stop complaining - I found that one of the most powerful tools to bring more magic in your life, is to stop whining and complaining. Try it for a day and you’ll see that magic will start to happen! It’s such a big shift in your energy that many things will change!

Shift your energy

As you can see these are all little steps that will help you shift your energy. The energy that you send out, is also the energy that you will get back from the universe.

If you're in a bad mood, and for example complaining about a lot of things, you’ll see that more and more things will happen that will give you more reasons to complain. Of course this also works the other way around. That is why it’s so important to stop complaining, to be kind and grateful, to smile and to take your time for yourself.

All these things will shift your energy and you will attract better and better things in your life. Things you will fully enjoy and experience as magic!

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