Everything changes - 5 tips to make change easy

When I’m on the beach I often stand still by the water. I watch the sea coming and going, coming and going… I realise that it’s the same with many things in our life. Things come into our life and they disappear again…

The nice and happy things, but also the less happy things. It’s the same with people, they come and go too. Or they will suddenly start playing a bigger role in your life, or a less important role. Everything changes, so do you. Your ideas or opinions about people and about things change. How you look at certain things changes. But do you accept to change with all that? Or do you keep holding on to how you have always thought about things and people? Are you open for change? Also in yourself?

People hold on to old ideas

Often I see people hold on to old ideas, old habits, old pains. They say it has always been like that and it will always stay like that. By holding on to this belief they keep those old things active and in their energy. But everything can change, no matter how old it is. Everything can be put into motion. You just have to want it! Maybe you now think “But why wouldn’t someone want to get rid of that?”. It’s safe. It might not be nice, but it is familiar. And familiar gives you a feeling of safety. And that is something that IS nice. There are also people who hold on tho these old things to not have to start anything new. They really want to do something new, but they find it too scary. Like a change of job, to just mention something. But it could also be smaller things of course. So they kind of hide in their pain, their sickness or something else. They say “If I didn’t have …. I would now be looking for a new job”. And like that it kind of protects them, because now they don’t have to take that big, scary step. And that feels really safe.

More excuses...

It could also be other excuses of course. “When I have money I will …”, or “If I have more time I will…”. You can always think of something why you do not have to do something. A kind of excuse to escape. I think we all know that. I think we  all do it in one way or another. I do it too. Sometimes I keep postponing things because “now is not the moment” for example. But that too is something YOU decide about. Or in this case I am ;-). You can decide it IS the moment for something. Because otherwise it can stay “not the moment” for a very long time!

5 tips to make change easy

Would you also like to change things but you don’t really know where to start? Here are my tips to bring some change in your life:

  1. Feel beyond your fear - In Dutch we say “Fear is a bad advisor” and that’s true! Fear often comes from old beliefs or from things that happened a long time ago. It’s from the past. We do not live in the past, we live now! Try to feel beyond your fear and feel what it is that the thing you fear doing can bring you. What feeling would it give you to just do it? Listen to that feeling! Let this feeling make you enthusiastic to just go and do it!
  2. Step out of your comfort zone - When you step out of your comfort zone things will start moving. There will be space for change. That applies to everything! Step out of your comfort zone and notice what it does to you. Try something that you feel too afraid of doing. You will feel very powerful once you’ve done it! Because you surmounted a fear. And once you know how great that feels, you’ll start doing more and more things outside of your comfort zone. You will dare to do more things that you didn’t dare doing before
  3. Tell a new story - don’t keep talking about the old situation, because that’s how you will keep it active. If you keep talking about something that is not going well, you keep telling the universe that you want more of it. And that’s exactly what you don’t want! Tell a new story! Tell the story the way you would like it to be. You could for example say that it’s going better and better. You will see that it won’t only feel better to tell that new story, it will also send another message to the universe, who will “deliver” other things, corresponding to that new story. Things will start to change.
  4. Talk with others - Talk with others about your new plans or goals. Don’t keep it for yourself. By talking about it to others you will make it more alive. You will start feeling it more and you’ll become more enthusiastic. The step to taking action will therefore become much smaller, so you’ll be more likely to actually do it.
  5. Choose for yourself - If you really, really want something, but you’re afraid to do it, ask yourself WHY you’re afraid. What would happen if you do it. What are you afraid of? Often your plan or goal is something that will make you feel better, but because it’s new, or different, it feels scary. But what is the worst that could happen? Chances are nothing bad can happen when you actually do it. And by choosing to do it, you choose to feel better. You choose to feel good! And that is choosing for yourself, choosing something that makes you feel good.
I really hope these tips will help you to do something you always wanted but thought was too scary. If you still feel stuck, maybe listening to my Healing Tree Meditation will help you come back to yourself and feel more grounded.