How not to let your mind mess with you

Following your intuition is a wonderful thing. It feels good, and it leads you to the things that are good for you. Nothing to worry about, right? But what if your mind is messing with you? What if your mind is telling you all of these things to keep you from following...

...your intuition?

What if your mind is telling you all of these things to keep you from following your intuition?

Your mind doesn't like change

Wondering why your mind would do that? Well, your mind mostly likes things the way they are. It doesn't like change. Also, it doesn't like things being different than the way it was taught it should be. So it will tell you things like:
- This is too scary
- Change is not good
- Why would you do this?
- You're going to fail, so why start?
- This is not how it should be
- What will other people think?

Start paying attention to how you feel

Do you recognise this? And do you want this to stop? Than start paying more attention to your heart, to how things make you feel. And it's OK if things feel a bit scary because it's new. As long as it gives you a happy feeling when you imagine yourself doing it, that's totally OK. Just don't let your mind tell you something else.

Ask yourself these questions

If something feels good and you hear yourself saying things about why you should NOT do it, just stop. Stop for a moment, and ask yourself the following questions:
1) Does the idea of doing this make me feel good? Does it make me feel happy?
2) These things I'm saying, about why NOT to do this, are they real? Or are they fear based thoughts from my mind? Or other stuff my mind is making up to stop me from changing things?

When you're looking into this and answering these questions, it will become clear for you if it's something you should do or not.
It's completely up to you if you choose to listen to your intuition or to your mind. But believe me, if you want more magic to happen in your life, following your intuition is the only way!