Introvert’s survival guide for parties

Does it happen to you, that you go to a party, you’re having fun, but after a while you feel like you want to escape to a quiet place, because it all becomes a bit too much? Being highly sensitive and an introvert, places with a lot of people can be overwhelming for me.

All the impressions, noises, energies…. Sometimes it really makes me tired and irritable.

Avoiding parties and other crowded places would seem a solution but… not much fun. You can’t always stay at home, right? And you do want to meet people, go to parties, eat in a restaurant or do other fun things that involve crowded places. And for me, being a mom, there is the moment of picking my child up at school, which is something I have to do almost daily. Finding my kid in the midst of the chaos of parents, children and bikes… Not always easy, and often overwhelming.

Here's my short survival guide

Now there are a couple of things that I often do to help me, and that might help you as well:

  1. Create a bubble around you.
    It’s something in my family we all do, and we remind each other every now and then to use it, because sometimes we forget. Just imagine a huge bubble around you, made of whatever you like! You can give it any colour that feels good to you. Most of the times I make a gold one, because I have the impression that works the best for me.
  2. Keep your focus close to you.
    If you start staring around farther away from you, you’re bringing your energy farther away from you and you will notice more things than if your focus would be close to you. Look at the people that are around you, maybe other things you see that are close, but don’t go staring around the whole room. If you want to see more, take a walk to see everything. And keep looking only at the things that are close. You will notice that you’ll loose less energy like this.
  3. Go home when you’re no longer enjoying it.
    Of course this is not always possible, but when it is, respect your boundaries and go home when it’s becoming too much. When I’m at a party or in a bar with my boyfriend, I often go home earlier than he does. When it becomes too much for me or if I’m getting really tired (or both), I go home. If I would stay longer I wouldn’t enjoy it anymore and if my boyfriend would come home with me, I would keep him from having more fun. Both are most of the time not an option. Of course this doesn’t mean we always go home separately, it just depends on the occasion.
  4. Take good care of yourself.
    And by that I mean in al possible ways. Rest when you need to. Eat healthy food. Get enough sleep. Have fun. Etc. etc. I notice that when I don’t eat well I get irritated a lot more quickly. If I eat bread and sugary things, I am quickly out of balance. So especially when I know that in the evening I have a party to go to, I try to eat healthier things. Of course this is different for everyone, but you could try to pay attention to it. Just notice how you feel after eating certain things.

And of course it’s always a good idea to eat healthy, but I learned to pay even more attention in certain cases, like when I go to a party.

I hope these tips will help you go to parties more prepared and survive them longer or having more fun. I would love to hear from you!