7 Days of Magic

A magical journey to add more sparkles to your days!

​The next round of this wonderful journey will start March 12th 2018!

  • Are you missing the fun and sparkles in your days?
  • Are you dreaming of living a happier life?
  • Does every day feel full of challenges?
  • Do you find it difficult to stay positive and focus on the happy things?

This magical course is exactly what you need!

In one week you will discover the magic that starts to happen when you look at the bright side of everything and stop complaining!

Whatever you give your attention to grows. So you'd better give your attention to the lovely, happy and beautiful things around you. You find that difficult? Not during this online course! Because you're not alone! I will guide you along the way! In my emails I give you easy to use tools & tips that will help you be and feel more positive. The meditations and affirmations will support you and empower you while you're on this magical journey.Together we are going to create lots of magicAre you ready?

We will start on March 12th, but when you sign up you will instantly receive the meditations and lots of inspiration!

7 days of Magic
Your investment: 33 Euros

Two meditations 

To help you let go of your negative thoughts and anything that is holding you back from living a happy, magical life

Daily emails
I'll be sending you daily emails, full of love and inspiration, including an email full of wonderful tips before we start

Daily affirmations
To help and empower you throughout your day

Journal prompts
Connect with your inner knowing by journaling and answering questions

A powerful group healing to help you relax and let go of old patterns and beliefs

Access to my Facebook group community

A magical place for connection & support

Bonus: Card reading

Get clarity around an issue or question you'd like to explore

Bonus: Magical Meditation from "Dreams, Love & Magic"

Another beautiful meditation that will help you to let go whatever if it is that bothers you and helps you to ground and relax

"Kirsten has a gentle, melodic way of speaking that takes you within and on the journey with her to where you can find that inner voice that's trying to speak to you above all the chatter. She's got an amazing gift!" - Leigh Daniel

"Kirsten, I really enjoyed reading your emails every day this last week. They are so full of self-love and gentle wisdom - really beautiful, thank you." - Marleen

Are you wondering how being positive will change your life?

Please let me tell you my story:
I thought I was a very positive woman, always seeing the bright side of things. Always seeing things positively. Until I discovered that actually I was complaining quite often. I complained a lot! It startled me! How come I hadn't noticed? What happened to that happy, positive woman who enjoyed all the little things in her life? I didn't know how that happened, but I knew I wanted this to change! I wanted to enjoy the tiny little things again. I wanted to shine! Because that was who I was. And I thought it should still be somewhere inside of me, waiting to come out again.

So I started paying attention to what I said and how I reacted. But it was more difficult than I thought. It had become a big part of me that was difficult to let go of or make smaller. I decided I needed help and I created a challenge. And I can tell you that many things have happened in the past years. I'm experiencing so much magic now! Many wishes have come true and are coming true. I am enjoying even the smallest things again. And a while ago, when we were having diner with friends, someone said to me "Wow, you're really shining! I almost need sunglasses to look at you!" 

This week is a wonderful way for you to start changing your life!

When you focus on the happy & positive for a week you will: 

  • feel lighter, happier and more relaxed
  • feel stronger and more in your power
  • deal with daily tasks more easily and therefore be able to take more time for yourself
  • be able to see the positive side of many things
  • enjoy life more & shine!

Are you curious how your life could change?

I would love for you to join us!

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