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Meditation package including 4 guided meditations

When you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed you see all those messages of women living a magical life. You’re secretly wishing for a life like that as well. But in the back of your head you hear a little voice telling you it’s not possible for you. So all you do is dream about it, “knowing” that it’s not for you.

I’d love to start by telling you that this is possible for everyone, so it’s possible for you too! But you’re tired and feeling everything but magical. You lost the connection to yourself and maybe even to the world.

I get you! And I know it’s hard to believe that it’s actually possible for you. But you can add magic to your life, little by little. You don’t need much time to change small things in your life. It can be easy! If I can do it, so can you!

A few years ago I was alone with my two small children and my life was far from magical. Until I realized I could do things to change that. I listened to meditations that were 30 minutes long, or even an hour. It wasn’t easy to find the time to do that so I’ve made it easier for you!

In this meditation package you’ll find 4 short meditations that will help you connect back with yourself and with the magic that’s inside of you. You’ll be reminded how you already are a creator of magic.

These meditations will help you create more magical every day moments in your life. Start changing little things in your life today and choose to feel better. Choose to create your magical life and enjoy the little things again.

These are the meditations you'll receive:

Magical Unicorn Meditation

Let the unicorn remind you the feeling of magic and play with it. You are a creator of magic!

Magic Wand Meditation

Discover the magic of this wand that helps you see things differently.

Creating Magic Affirmation Meditation

Walk through a lovely field and listen to the affirmations that will help you create more magic in your life. You are ready for a life full of magic!
Mermaid Meditation

Meet this magical being who reminds you that you are energy and gives you something to help you create magic.

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"Thank you so much for the beautiful Healing Tree Meditation. I usually struggle to listen to meditations in full, even if it's a short one like yours. But I love to listen to your uplifting voice. And you're using super down to earth words which makes it easy to visualize. Listening to it every day, whenever I need an energy boost. Thank you!" - Sandra Pilarczyk

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Hi, I’m Kirsten! Book lover, meditation mom, believer in magic, passionate about helping you become the mom you dream of being!

In the chaos of your busy life I am the calm in the eye of the storm. With my meditations and online courses I help you go from feeling stuck to freedom. Feel free to follow your heart and create a magical life you love!

When I was sick and overworked, alone with two small children, guided meditations helped me to feel better. They helped me find my calm in the chaos. Allowed me to relax and recharge my energy. They also helped me sleep better and deal with all the things a mom has to do, way more easily.

With my meditations and online courses it’s my goal to make a difference in your life. When you feel stuck, lost, or overwhelmed, there are so many easy things you can do to change that around. Small changes can have big results. And I love making things easy for you!

​I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

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