Mom & Child meditation package

As moms we always take care of everything and everyone but when was the last time you took a moment for yourself? To really relax and recharge your energy?

Choose to take a moment for yourself now! Choose to recharge your energy! Because we can't keep running on an empty cup, right?

You will receive three meditations. Two for yourself and one for your child(ren). Because when the kids are happy, so is their mom!

You will receive the following meditations: 

For you:

Healing Tree Meditation - to relieve stress and fill you with positive energy

Magical Blanket Meditation - perfect when you feel overwhelmed

For your child(ren):

Magical Bed of Clouds Meditation - to help your kid relax

These magical meditations are under 10 minutes long so you don't need much time!

"My niece LOVED your meditation and even asked me to send it to her Mom so she could listen to it at home!” Jana Curtin

"My 8 year old daughter loved it. And so did my 10 year old son. My eldest son's only wish was that it was longer....but he listened to it twice and feel asleep the second time. Thank you again. It's lovely :)" Emma Conway

"I have had the pleasure of listening to Kirsten carrying out a live meditation and it made such an impact I immediately signed up for her healing tree meditation which I use to keep me grounded. I love Kirsten's voice it soothes and empties my mind and allows me enter a deeply reflective state." Allison Reiner

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