Summer Magic

The perfect package to help you forget summer stress and feel happy & free!

Tired of summer stress? Why not try summer magic instead!

Do you hear everyone happily talking about summer vacation, but all you can think is “Oh no, it’s time for summer stress again!”? Because as a mom you now also have to think about everything for the vacation on top of your already endless to-do list… Your kids are tired, like every year, and your partner (if you have one) doesn’t see the problem. 

But what if you decided to change things this summer?! What if you decided to make this summer the best ever?! You’re a powerful woman and you can choose to have a magical summer!

Choose to take your imperfect moments for yourself and connect with your inner wise woman with the Summer Magic journal. The questions will lead you through the magic of your life, helping you to leave the daily stress behind and embrace your magical moments.

Summer is a time to relax and recharge. We can’t keep running the whole year on adrenaline, having that stressed feeling all the time. You need to relax! You need to recharge your energy!

What if you could feel relaxed and happy and really be YOU again?

This amazing package is perfect for you if:

  • you’re ready to take things in your own hands and make your summer imperfectly perfect
  • you’re a mom who not only deeply loves her kids, but chooses to love herself as well
  • you’re tired of summer stress and choose summer magic & energy instead
  • you would love to add more sparkles to your summer days

I was dreaming of feeling relaxed and full of energy...

Like you I used to stress over holiday things and feel really tired during summer. I was dreaming of feeling relaxed and full of energy. Each time I thought I would have time to read, one of my children would ask for attention. They are now 11 and 13, so they don’t need me as much anymore. However I still find it a challenge to find time for myself in between all the things that need to be done. But I know how important it is. I know that my life is so much better because I choose to take time for myself. I remember how tired I always used to be and how life could feel like a struggle. And I also remember how it changed the moment I decided I was the only one who could change it. Like Wayne Dyer says:

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

Summer magic for you!

And now I have created Summer Magic for you, to help you take that time for yourself that you're longing for, so you can relax and enjoy your summer to the fullest.

The meditations are under 10 minutes, so you can easily find time to listen to them. Even if they’re short, they are very powerful and have a healing effect. They will not only help you to relax, but also to release old stuff and feel totally refreshed and recharged.

The journal will help you focus on the magic that is already in your life, but that you might have forgotten about. What we focus on expands, and what we give our attention to grows, so imagine what will happen if you do that for a whole month! The questions in the journal will also help you to connect with your inner knowing and guidance. You will discover that you can feel a sense of calm that you didn’t think would be possible. You will feel connected to your inner happiness and enjoy your summer days to the fullest.

Summer Magic
Your investment: 25 Euros

This magical package contains:

4 magical meditations (mp3)

Four amazing meditations, especially designed to help you slow down and relax. I will guide you into a deep relaxation and to a place where magic and healing will start to happen.

30-day summer journal (pdf)

In this magical journal you will find:

Daily questions 

Set your daily intention, find your happy and connect with your inner wise woman

Weekly questions
Look back at your week and set powerful intentions for the next week

Weekly affirmations
To empower and enlighten you throughout your summer days

Blog posts

To inspire you to create more magic in your days

Bonus: Magical Meditation from the meditation package creating magic

Another beautiful meditation that will help you connect with your magic!

"I experienced magic when I was guided by Kirsten Pancras through a meditation practice. Kirsten created and delivered a process that took me into deep stillness and opened me to feel connected to myself. Kirsten's creativity and intuition shined as she spoke guiding words and her voice caries compassion and wisdom." - Anella Wetter

"Kirsten has a gentle, melodic way of speaking that takes you within and on the journey with her to where you can find that inner voice that's trying to speak to you above all the chatter. She's got an amazing gift!" - Leigh Daniel

Choose to take time for yourself now!

You are worth it!

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