RELAX - 10 days of super easy self-care for busy moms

(and anyone else who thinks they're too busy for self-care)

I know as a mom you struggle to take time for yourself. You have to take care of your kid(s), your house, your business, your job, your partner... And then maybe, if you have time & energy left, you'll take care of yourself…​

Most of the times though, there's no time or energy left...

That's why I created these 10 days, to make it super easy for you!

10 days of super easy inspiration. It'll take you only 5 minutes day!

A little daily self-care will change your life!

Imagine what your life would be like if you'd feel rested and recharged...

What would it be like, if you'd sleep better?
If you woke up in the morning, feeling ready for you day?
What would it feel like, to be a calm & patient mom?
What would it be like, if your relationship with your partner would improve?

Find an imperfect moment in your daily chaos for these simple but effective tips!

"It has brought a great deal of serenity to our sometimes chaotic life!" - Helene

"I love your writing (the emails you sent me) and how you really connected with me and touched my soul with what you share in your writing." - Helena Heart

"I love how your energy is so soft & nurturing & makes it so EASY" - Lauren Venable

This is a self-paced program and will take place via email.

This special price of 10€ is valid till April 15th 2022!

This program is also a bonus in the DREAM Membership.

IMPORTANT: When you go to checkout, don't forget to click the "I am interested in your newsletter". This is NOT for my newsletter, this is to send you the emails for this program!!

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