Summer Magic

Tired of summer stress? Why not try summer magic instead!

What if you decided to make this summer the best ever?! You’re a powerful woman and you can choose to have a magical summer!

Choose to take your imperfect moments for yourself and connect with your inner wise woman with the Summer Magic journal. The questions will lead you through the magic of your life, helping you to leave the daily stress behind and embrace your magical moments.

Summer is a time to relax and recharge. You can’t keep running the whole year on adrenaline, having that stressed feeling all the time. You need to relax! You need to recharge your energy!

4 magical meditations (mp3)
Four amazing meditations, especially designed to help you slow down and relax. I will guide you into a deep relaxation and to a place where magic and healing will start to happen.

Sunflower Meditation
Recharge your energy with the warm and loving energy of the sunflowers and the sun.

Slow Down Meditation
In this magical meditation you will hear a wonderful message from an angel, inspiring you to slow down.

Magical Brushes Meditation
Let the magical brushes take away any negativity to clear and cleanse your energy. You’ll feel light and free.

Rainbow Meditation
The rainbow and its colours will balance your chakra's and make you feel happy and filled with a magical energy. 

30-day summer journal (pdf)
30 days of focusing on the happy stuff will help you attract more of it in your life!

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