Zoom Meditations

Zoom Meditations

Experience the magic of doing a live meditation together!

Join me on Zoom for a live guided meditation. The connection with others will make the energy more powerful & you'll experience an even deeper relaxation.
Let me guide you into a deep relaxation and take you to places where healing & magic will happen.

  • Are you ready to experience the magic & to shift your energy?
  • Are you ready to feel calm, relaxed & uplifted?
  • Ready to feel like you can handle that daily chaos with ease?

Every month there will be a new schedule, so keep an eye on my website or social media!

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USD prices are an estimation - check out will be in Euros

Chakra & Healing Meditation

Saturday July 11th

4pm (16u) Amsterdam / 3pm London / 10am New York


Meditation for Overwhelm

Friday July 17th

2pm (14u) Amsterdam / 1pm London / 8am New York / 10pm Sydney


Healing Waterfall Meditation

Wednesday July 22nd

8pm (20u) Amsterdam / 7pm London / 2pm New York


Ho'oponopono Meditation

Friday July 31st

9pm (21u) Amsterdam / 8pm London / 3pm New York


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