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Your Human Design Magic

Your Human Design Magic

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I want to try something new and fun!! 🤩

I’m going to make written Human Design readings. I LOVE diving into Human Design charts and looking at all the magic in there! 😍

How does this work?

You give me your birth details (date, place and exact time) and I’ll write about what I notice in your chart, what jumps out for me. No questions, just me following my intuition (and HD knowledge of course!).

Do you trust me with your chart for one of these written readings?

Please note that some of the information might be the basics, about your energy type, but I’ll also look into other things. I’ll write what I feel is most important for you in that moment.

I look forward to doing this! This feels so fun!

PS: please not that you will receive your written Human Design reading within 10 days.

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