The scary part of meditation (and how to deal with distraction)

Sounds of cars driving by, someone (probably one of your kids) talking, thoughts in your head… There are so many things that can distract you when you want to meditate. It’s SO easy to be distracted! 

And it’s so easy to let these things distract you…. Yes, sometimes distraction is something we happily accept. We accept distraction so we won’t get into that state of relaxation that meditation can bring us in. Even if we would love to get there. Let me explain…

The scary part…

When we get into a deep relaxation we sometimes get in touch with our deepest feelings and desires. And that can be scary! Because if we connect with our deepest feelings, what will come up? Those feelings might not necessarily be happy ones! And what if our dream is to find another job, or move to another city or country? I’m just naming a few things, it could be anything! You might not want to get in touch with those dreams and feelings. And that’s normal! Yes… you are normal. (And extraordinary and amazing and so much more, but that’s not what this blog post is about.)

To change, or not to change…

Change can be scary. You are used to your life as it is right now. And maybe you’re completely happy the way it is! And even if you’re not, change might not be what you’re looking for. Because you don’t know how it will be when your life changes. But let me tell you one thing: Change can be a good thing too! Even if you’re already happy, even if you find change scary, even if you don’t know what to expect. Open up to being surprised. Think of it as a birthday present, beautifully wrapped. You don’t know what’s inside, but will you leave it closed because of that? I’m guessing not ;-)

Tips to deal with the distraction

Now back to the distraction. You would LOVE to meditate and this distraction… how do you ignore it? How do you meditate without getting distracted? Here are my tips to deal with the distraction:

Accept the distraction - Whatever it is that you’re distracted by, accept it. Don’t fight it. It’s normal to get distracted and fighting it will make it worse. Sounds will always be there and so will thoughts. We have about 50.000 thoughts a day! Can you imagine?! It’s normal they distract you.

Use the distraction to meditate - What?! Yes, you can totally use the distraction to meditate. Although I wouldn’t use your thoughts for that. Sounds can be really helpful when it comes to meditating. The sound of cars driving by, or the lovely sound of the birds outside, the ticking of the clock… When you focus on those things, you will be focusing on something else than your thoughts and your mind will become calmer.

Listen to calming music - Listening to music can help you calm your mind. When you’re focusing on the music, you won’t be focusing on your thoughts and you won’t be hearing other distracting sounds. Yes, listening to music is also a distraction, but it’s a lovely one and can really help you relax.

Listen to a guided meditation - Listening to someone taking you into a visualization can help you forget everything around you.

Go back to your meditation - Every time you get distracted, go back to your meditation. Be glad you noticed it, accept it, and focus on your meditation again.

It’s not that scary

Now what about this scary part of meditation? Maybe you don’t even want to meditate anymore! Relax… It’s not going to be THAT scary! It’s just your unconscious mind trying to protect you from something that MIGHT be scary. I’ve never experienced anything scary when meditating. And meditation did bring me lots of things! Mostly feeling more relaxed (something I could really use!) and having more energy. Meditation is really worth trying!

Distraction will always be there

Next time you would like to meditate, don’t worry about the distractions. And don’t be too hard on yourself. Distractions will most likely always be there. When you notice you get distracted, forgive yourself and go back to your meditation. Even if you have to do it several times during your meditation. Keep practicing, you will get better! I know you can do it!

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