What is Human Design?

What is Human Design?

Sometimes all you need is permission to be yourself.

Human Design has taught me that I CAN follow what feels good for me.

That it’s OK to do things differently than others. That I can trust that inner gut feeling, even if it may seem weird at times.

Be more ME

It’s taught me to be more ME and to live my life more and more as I’m designed to be.

Because at the moment of my birth, and also already 3 months before my birth, certain planets and other celestial bodies have activated certain parts in my energy. And together, these parts give me the blueprint of my energy.

When you look up your Human Design chart you probably don't understand a thing. I know I didn’t at first. But when I started reading about my energy type…. Wow!! Just wow!! 

Such a relief!

So much recognition! It felt a little bit like “Ahhhh, so that’s all really part of my energy!” I felt a kind of relief come over me and I felt like I’m OK the way I am. 

But if you’ve never heard of Human Design before, you probably wonder what it is.


Human Design is a combination of astrology, the chakras, the i-Ching and the Kabbalah. But to me it really feels like a system on its own. It’s a system that has been channeled, so it’s not scientific. But I find it fascinating and magical!

To look up your chart you’ll need your date, place and exact time of birth. If you fill that in on one of the free websites, it can check the exact location of the planets and celestial bodies 3 months before your birth, and the moment of your birth.

You can search "free human design chart" or look at one of these websites (I'm not an affiliate or anything, just want to give you an easy way to find it): www.jovianarchive.com or www.mybodygraph.com

Not meant to put you in a box!

Before you dive into your design (or maybe you already have!) I want to say one thing that I think is really important: Human Design is not meant to put you in a box and tell you how to live your life!

There’s so much information in Human Design and it’s up to you what you do with it. It’s up to you to try some things out and notice its effect on your life and on how you feel.

The best place to start is to learn about your energy type. Even if there are only 5 energy types, you’ll learn so much about yourself!

Click here to read my next blog about energy types.

Click here to learn more about my course Human Design - Guide to your energetic blueprint.

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