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You Are Amazing Meditations

You Are Amazing Meditations

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When you doubt yourself and your negative self-talk is driving you crazy... it's time to start changing your mind's chatter...

With these 4 meditations you're well on your way to feeling more positive about yourself. It's time to start accepting yourself the way you are. You are amazing! 

1. Accepting Yourself at the River

2. Accepting Yoursef - Affirmation meditation

3. You Are Amazing (Accepting Yourself)

4. Forgiving Yourself


1. Accepting Yourself at the River

Is the negative voice in your head making you feel bad about yourself? This is a meditation to help you let go of negative thoughts. It's time to accept yourself as you are! You're good enough! Archangel Michael will also come along to help you let go.

"Exceptionally relaxing. And powerful. Music is great too."

"Amazing! Thank you so much, I loved the imagery and everything about this meditation."

"Thank you, love this. Really felt like I was there."

Length: 6:51

2. Accepting Yourself - affirmation meditation (only available in this bundle!)

3. You are Amazing! (Accepting yourself)

Enjoy this gentle practice where you meet your guardian angel on a walk in the forest. Listen to the uplifting words of the angel and feel its loving energy. You are wonderful the way you are. It’s time for you to accept that. You’re so worth it!

"So lovely and touching. Shed a few tears but it was needed. Thank you for sharing."

"Lovely visual meditation! Wish it were longer, enjoyed it so much."

"It is a magical meditation practice. Thank you so much"

Length: 9:10

4. Forgiving Yourself

Enjoy this gentle meditation where you meet your younger self at the beach. Relax, forgive yourself and be forgiven. Let go of emotional weight and feel lighter and happier. It’s time to forgive yourself, you’re so worth it!

"This was gentle, but powerful. Thank you!!"

"Phenomenal. Thank you very much"

"Simply amazing, tears just happened and I let them come to relief past emotions.... thank you for this...."

"Such a beautiful and helpful meditation! I have been working on my self compassion as I have been struggling with forgiving myself for past incidents, and this definitely helped me! I will be returning to this meditation more than once. Thank you again!"

"Thank you so much. You have helped me forgive something from too long ago. Namaste"

Length: 9:27



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