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Be Magic! 3 month 1:1 journey

Be Magic! 3 month 1:1 journey

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If you're ready to experience the magic of life again (yes that's totally possible for you!), if you're done wondering "Is this really all there is to life", and you want those sparkles back in your eyes.... This coaching is perfect for you!

We have two sessions per month where we'll figure out how you can best use your energy, and do breathwork to help you release old stuff and step back into your power. Back into your magic!

In between sessions you can message me if you have any questions. And you'll have access to my Meditation Magic meditations, so you can listen to more magic and experience even more healing in between sessions.

Let's help you drop the burnout, overwhelm, anxiety, self-doubt and more! It's time for you to be your magical you, and to see that happy face in the mirror again.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Payment plan available - Pay in full €997 (€114 discount)

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