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Reflector Magic

Reflector Magic

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Tap into your Reflector magic and embrace all of who you are!

Would you love to learn what it means to be a Reflector? Would you love to know how you can best use your energy and flow through life with more flow and ease?

In this bundle you'll find 3 lessons and one meditation from my course Human Design - Guide to your energetic blueprint. With these lessons you'll have what it needs to start living your design.

The audio lessons are between 10 and 17 minutes long, including a short meditation at the end (3-6 minutes).

You'll receive the following meditation and lessons.

Reflector meditation

Let go of everything that is not yours with the help of this short meditation. You'll also hear this meditation at the end of the Reflector audio.

8. Energy types - Reflector

In today’s class we’ll be talking about the energy type: Reflector. If you’re a Reflector, you’re not very likely to meet a fellow Reflector, as they represent only 1% of the total population. But that doesn’t mean that it’s better or worse to have one energy type or another. They’re just designed differently. Today you’ll learn what makes a Reflector so unique, and how a Reflector is designed to use their energy. Of course we’ll also be talking about the strengths and challenges of this unique energy type, so you’ll understand yourself or your Reflector loved ones much better.

9. Trusting your strategy

In Human Design your strategy is all about how you’re designed to move through life, how to use your energy and how to interact with others. When you’re using your strategy, you’ll feel more and more aligned. Each energy type has their own strategy. Many people have been conditioned to initiate and manifest things in the world. But for most energy types this is not the way to go through life. In today’s class we’ll be looking at how you can trust your strategy, with tips for each energy type, so you can truly start living your design.

10. Leaning into your signature theme

Today we’ll be diving a bit deeper into your design, by exploring how you can lean into your signature theme. Each energy type has their signature theme. For Manifestors it’s peace, for Generators it’s satisfaction, for Manifesting Generators it’s satifaction and peace, for Projectors it’s success and for Reflectors it’s surprise. When you flow through life the way you’re designed to, you’ll experience your signature theme. How can your signature theme help you to live your design? What can you do to experience your signature theme more often? Today I’ll be giving tips for each energy type, so you’ll know how to master this part of your energy blueprint.


PS: If you'd love to learn more about the differences between the energy types and why your strengths are so unique, please check out my course Human Design - Guide to your energetic blueprint. You'll also learn more about how Human Design came to be, and what you're looking at, when you look at your chart. And you'll have support, meditations and a Q&A!

PPS: Please not this package is also available in Dutch! Please email me at if you're interested!

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